Your own dedicated desk for you and your team at Sundesk



Our Dedicated Desk plan gives you access to a dedicated workstation in an open space right here in Sophia Antipolis. Work in a shared office space, leave you computer, files or your Sundesk coffee cup overnight!

Dedicated desk in an open space
Access to a storage chest
Unlimited 24/7 access
Beautiful furniture

Access to breakout spaces
Access to events
Access to workshops
Access to partner offers



More than your usual office rental, Sundesk is a genuine living place in Sophia Antipolis offering various perks! You don't believe us? Drop by to check out the place while enjoying a cup of hot beverage.

Very high speed Internet (1Gbps symmetrical).

We make sure that our facilities remain always clean.

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other hot beverages are free.

Enjoy a fresh beer to start off the weekend the way it should!

We have phone booths so that you can privately place your phone calls.

Come and relax in our comfortable and design breakout spaces.

Sundesk offers multiple free sports activities such as a run club and yoga classes.

Multiple "Smart Events" are organized here at Sundesk.


Are you looking for a business address in Sophia Antipolis or simply looking for a meeting room for professional training? Sundesk offers multiple office services so you don't have to worry about anything but focusing on your business.

Looking for a business address in Sophia Antipolis? Host your company here at Sundesk.

Postal services, let us take care of receiving and sending out your mail.

We have dedicated indoor and outdoor parking spaces.

Professional printers for all your copy work.

Do you need office supplies? We've got it all at Sundesk.

Organise your professional meeting in one of our 4 fully equipped meeting rooms.

Need one or more phone lines? We've got your back, we'll set you up in a jiffy!

Need breakfast or lunch delivered for one of your meeting? Ask for our Rock Lunch!